This photoset is one year old…

Pablo Incognito is a very productive nude photographer. For 18 years he has filmed thousands of small and large photo stories, more than half of which were made in 2018-2020. It was during this period that we decided that it was time to show the public our work (although sometimes parts of it could already be seen on various thematic websites).

So, he publishes some photo plots on the website the very next day after the shooting, others wait their turn for weeks and months, but there are photo stories that have been waiting for their time for years. There are also such plots, as Pablo says, “for his own people” (what exactly he means, I don’t know ?).

This plot was photographed in September 2019. It is now October 2020. And here it is sorted, developed and published on this site.

When we go to a photo shoot, or even just walk, Pablo always brews delicious black and green tea with lemon in a thermos. And of course, a thermos (in combination) is an effective accessory in shooting, if you take care of the whole image in advance. As at the moment – everything is crimson: dress, shoes and thermos.

Since Pablo is a lover of non-standard locations, he loves to shoot “nude” in (according to others) inappropriate locations. The choice fell on the flyover. There are not many of them in our city. We went to the one on the Nikolaev – Odessa highway. The traffic on it is moderate, you can carve out a couple of minutes and do a small photo session.

In such a “nervous situation”, when a car passes by me every minute, you cannot perform a striptease, but a couple of highlights is easy. Topless, bottomless – and a photo story in the style of “Modern Ukrainian social erotica” by Pablo Incognito is ready!

Pablo came up with the style “Modern Ukrainian Social Erotica” quite recently. It is inspired by various social networks, where ordinary girls post their photos in swimsuits, lingerie, beautiful sexy outfits and, of course, without any clothes.

Looking at the pictures, it becomes clear that girls want to be admired and complimented – this is the essence of a woman. And men admire them with pleasure, and even give compliments.

Pablo is an admirer of female beauty, real and delicate. He even kisses the hands of his muses after successful photo shoots, when he is delighted with what he saw.

I got a little distracted …

So, I’m standing on the flyover, dressed in all crimson.

A girl with long legs in a bright outfit is, of course, spotted by drivers passing by. Everyone honks and waves or shows a gesture of approval (thumb up). I am encouraged and turned on by such male attention.

But, the most pleasant feeling was when a military truck full of soldiers drove by. They rode so sad and gloomy. When they saw me, they perked up, someone whistled, someone shouted “Pretty Woman“, and drove on, turning their heads to finally look at me one more time. I believe I “made their day”!

And when the flow of cars was very large, I just stood and drank tea, looking at the track from the height of the overpass. True, Pablo wrote in the name of the coffee, you can’t argue with him!

Iren Adler

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  1. Сергій
    | Reply

    Сподіваюсь обійшлося без ДТП? 🙂

    • Pablo

      Усе пройшло чудово!

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