Such an incredible landscape for a nude photo session can only be found by chance! It was this end of the earth that we found on our photo trip in the early summer of 2020

June 5… It’s already warm enough, + 23 °С.
It’s time to start the season of photo-hunting for naked young ladies 🙂

In fact, we have a season of photo shoots all year round:

On this day, I, Pablo and his muse Lilu (with her husband 🙂 ) decided to go to the Iron Port to the “Goryachy Klyuch” geyser. This journey turned for Lilu into the debut of the Nude, Glamor genre. At first she was a little shy, but then she was already unstoppable 🙂

On this day, we not only had a good rest: we swam with a healing spring, walked through incredible virgin natural places, admiring unreal landscapes, but also shot many diverse photosets…

Here is what was filmed during this trip and has already been published on the site (with Lilu’s participation) :

So there you go! Having bathed in the warm, or rather hot, water of the spring and was pretty tired, we decided to take a walk. Around the endless steppe. The edge of the earth merged with the sky with a turquoise haze, eroding the horizon, beyond which, somewhere in the distance, the Black Sea… We saw dried lakes with various vegetation. I brought a peach–colored knitted shawl and beige shoes — a perfect outfit for any location 🙂 .

There was a very, very strong wind! He practically knocked me off my feet. Tangled my hair. But, thanks to him, a heavy knitted shawl developed like a light transparent organza, creating a light and airy image of an alien in the image of an earthly woman.

I just walked along the sandy glades, where no human foot has stepped, and my most important task was not to fly away after the wind, well, so that my heels would not get stuck, because there was viscous mud under the sandy crust…

When, having removed this photographic plot, we returned, we saw a strange old tractor, and it, like an iron monster thrown by everyone, rusted under the scorching sun and torrential rains.

But he was so beautiful that we, of course, also shot a very funny story with him. Over time, he will also appear on the site when his turn comes …

Iren Adler

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