This is a photo confession of love.

When you have been married to a creative person for many years, and at the same time he is also a nude photographer, then declarations of love will always be original. Here’s how it is.

We shot this photoset almost by accident. At lunchtime, we decided to walk around the neighborhood to film a hole with “flashing” – my favorite version of a nude photo shoot, which I get 5 points out of 5. We filmed it against the background of workers digging trenches for laying city communications.

As we walked back, I noticed huge pipes. The image of James Bond in the credits for the film, where he shoots the barrel of a pistol, appeared in his head. I offered my own version, where I shoot my female weapon. I meant charm and charisma, not what you thought and saw in the photo ?.

There is no full nudity here, as in most of his photosets, but there is topless. A minute striptease, with a real possibility of being caught by random passers-by, I did it!

That’s how we accidentally shot a completely crazy and romantic story, which Pablo published as a declaration of love for me.

I love you too, my Pablo!

P.S. Men, do not hesitate to be original! You can’t surprise us women with bouquets and sweets – it’s too commonplace. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but not for everyone either …

You all have telephones, and some have cameras … Take pictures of your loved ones! This boosts their self-esteem. Women need to feel that they are the most beautiful and loved. Plus one more photo or video to your home collection!

Iren Adler

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  1. Руслан
    | Reply

    Доброе утро!!! Прямо смотрю и вижу, Как художник фокусирует мой взгляд на Женскую Красоту !!! Спасибо!!!

  2. Lerson
    | Reply

    отличная работа!
    Чувствуется искренность
    Ждем продолжения

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