It’s no secret that many men consider the sexiest part of the female body ass 🙂

As they do not call it, ass, buns, buttocks, crumbs, halves, berries, bumper, ubunta, buffer, feed… If you know an even more original name, write in the comments…

Probably, Pablo adores female charms more than anyone, that’s why he became a nude photographer. And now, taking his photos and videos, he is constantly looking for harmony in the female body – physical and mental. He tries to capture it and show it to the whole world. He believes that a woman is made for love and admiration!

While photographing Irma back in 2006 in his small photo studio, he admired her perfect figure, full of life energy. They took many photosets that day, here are some of the ones already posted on the site:

Irma heard many compliments from Pablo Incognito that day. Compliments are vital for women 🙂

P.S. Here is an old but very vital anecdote that vividly illustrates the magical power of female charms:
Newlyweds. Husband wants to go hunting with friends. He doesn’t know how to get approval from his young wife. His friends advise him: “When your wife goes to bed in the evening, come up, lift the blanket and say in disgust:” Fat ass! “. She will kick you out on the hunt herself 🙂 He did so. In the evening he approached his wife lying in bed, lifted the blanket and said: “Fat ass… Beautiful ass… My favorite ass… I will not go hunting!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    А ну-ка признавайтесь, кто себя вообразил кубиком! )))

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