You can surprise a nude model… if you arrange a photo shoot in a sex shop!

Photo session “Nude” in the sex shop is a fascinating and informative event, and as a bonus
this is an interesting photoshoot for the maestro’s general gallery…

With “Strawberry” or rather with the employees of the store, Pablo met at the first festival of erotic short films “My.Eroticfest“, which was held in Nikolaev on June 21, 2019. In the lobby of the “Batkivshchyna” cinema, an exposition of the first solo exhibition of nude photography “Provocation” by Pablo Incognito and Slava Poseday (Pablo’s colleague and friend, who once convinced him to show his work to the public, and many thanks to her!).

Also at this festival, the sex shop “Strawberry” presented the products of its stores: whips, masks, handcuffs and various means for pleasure, protection and hygiene. The photo zone (tantamaresque) with the image of Dita Von Teese (the goddess of burlesque and author’s erotic shows) has become the hallmark of the store and the decoration of the exhibition, after the photos, of course… 🙂

That evening, after a nice chat with the director of the Strawberry, Pablo asked: “I would like to have a nude photo shoot in your store, can I?” To which he received permission and an invitation at any time convenient for him. And already in early July, having previously phoned, we went to the sex shop for a photo shoot.

Honestly, this event was like a psychoanalysis session for me, which should be to find out my sexuality and the level of modesty. Yes, I confess, I’m ashamed! But how can I be photographed naked, and even calmly react to the fact that my photos are posted on the Pablo Incognito website? And the secret is that I do not identify myself as real with the photographed me. I am in the photo – an actress of a delicate photo genre. In real life, I am a modest and shy woman 🙂

So, we spent more than an hour in the sex shop (usually our photo shoots last a few minutes). Thanks to the delicacy and kindness of the saleswoman, I was able to relax, calmly examine the goods and choose what exactly I should pose with at the photo shoot.

I tried on a very short and very erotic pink peignoir, a short black dress with transparent inserts, and an openwork black bodysuit. I especially liked the stewardess’s suit. It sat down like a glove. But my favorite sex toy was a purple ostrich feather, I didn’t even think that his touch could be so pleasant.

When we filmed the finale of this photo story about a visitor to a sex shop, I had to leave the store in this stewardess costume and shopping at the ready … There were suddenly a lot of passers-by on the street! I had to wait a bit… When I finally left the store, two foreigners saw me, they smiled, started waving their hands and loudly shouting compliments in Italian: “Bella signorina!” 🙂

Here is such an enchanting photo shoot turned out in the Nude genre in a sex shop!

Text — Iren Adler

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  1. Олексій
    | Reply

    Як красиво та сексуально.

  2. Руслан
    | Reply

    Впечатления!! Восторг и Страсть!! Хочется продолжения!!!

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