This military–style nude photo session is not like a classic shoot when the model is in the center of the frame. It looks more like a photo report from the scene.

Many of the shots feature Pablo engrossed in filming while a second photographer, Returned, takes pictures of me. I thought that I was the only one interested in the camera lens. But the photographer decided differently and took everything and everyone. Turned out original. I would say vital!

July 2021. We filmed several scenes at this unique location “Old Airport”. We played war. We did not even guess that in a little more than six months a real war would begin in Ukraine.

Then, posing, I thought: “Can I, if necessary, pick up a real weapon and go to defend my homeland?” At that moment, I was sure that I could. All these emotions were reflected on my face during the shooting.

I don’t smile or flirt. I am focused and strive for freedom and independence. At the end of the photoset, I showed my emotions: I took off all the ammunition and threw away the weapon, leaving not only my body, but also my soul naked.

It is difficult to combine the genre of nude photography with such a serious topic as war, so as not to devalue it, but rather to inspire victory and explain to our viewers how we understand the famous phrase “Beauty will save the world!”.

Today, August 24, 2022, on the Independence Day of our Ukraine, Pablo nevertheless decided to start publishing a large series of nude photo shoots and videos in the Military style. He is confident that they can inspire our warriors, give them strength and bring our victory closer. Because each warrior is waiting for his beloved at home. And as our (male) fans repeat – “After seeing the photos of Pablo Incognito, I understand how much I love my girlfriend / woman / wife!”

P.S. As for, could I go to war?… Now, when the war, I can definitely answer — I could not 🙂 But! I have not gone anywhere, all this time I have been living in our front-line Nikolaev.

Pablo and I do what we do best — instill in our audience (men and women) the belief that everything will be fine, because beauty always wins!

Text — Iren Adler

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