And endless long legs!..
carry you across the Earth… with inspiration.
And a minimal, blue dress!..
in vain you put on. In shoes — awesome.

© Pablo Incognito

Photo day at the end of summer 2020. Odessa. Famous landmarks.

During such a photo day, Pablo Incognito shoots up to 20 photo sessions (sometimes 5–10, but this is not enough :)) in the genres of “Nude”, “Glamor” and “Pin-up”. Some are 1 minute long, others are longer. Dressing up and all preparation steps take the most time 🙂

From already published, filmed that day:

On the way back, I saw a huge stage set up for a festive concert, an impromptu auditorium in the open air and a seaport hotel in the background – a beautiful blue skyscraper-beauty “Odessa” (it’s a pity that this is an uninhabited ghost hotel 🙁 ).

I cannot pass by such a gorgeous location. As a soldier, in 30 seconds I changed into a bright blue dress and matching shoes, the accent – a string of pearl beads on my hand – my favorite fetish, not counting cups (click on the word “cup” and you will see all the photosets with them).

Theater goers usually start their evening with a buffet. I started the photo session from the Zubrovka bar. Although I didn’t take alcohol, I was still drawn to adventure.

The guard of the territory, from whom we asked permission if it was possible to do a short photo session, without much enthusiasm allowed him, defiantly sat with his back to us, which could not but rejoice. Indeed, what the native Odessa citizen has not yet seen? But he did not see my photo shoot with a light striptease 🙂 I think that he was unlucky, he slapped his luck that day 🙁 . Himself to blame!

6 minutes of shooting, 356 frames and you are already admiring this photoset.

Enjoy watching! We are waiting for your comments …

Iren Adler

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  1. Anatolii
    | Reply

    Блин, я был в Одессе в это время и все пропустил((((
    Пойдут напьюсь!

    • PabloIncognito

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 На здоровье! Вы очень эмоциональны, вам всё можно 😉

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